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Creating that perfect moment

Interested in a ceremony filled with love on your special day? Then we’re a match, because that is exactly what coup de foudre does.

Even though lately we have been growing more bold and creative in planning out-of-the-box weddings, we tend to overlook the actual wedding ceremony. Lots of couples either settle for a civil marriage at city hall and move straight on to the reception, or plan a church wedding that does not always match their beliefs, because they feel like it is the only way. That is where coup de foudre comes in.

coup de foudre writes and officiates unique ceremonies, tailored to who you are as a couple and to your expectations of this special moment. In doing so, I help you in  creating memories for a lifetime.

I take plenty of time to get to know the both of you, to acquaint myself with your story, to find out what it is that makes your love so special (because every love is special in its own way). I guide you through the possibilities and offer advice, from the writing of your vows and the set-up of your ceremony location to the selection of music. I contact friends and family members who’ll be speaking at the ceremony and make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. And you? You sit back, relax and get married to the love of your life.

Because of my degree in both English literature & linguistics and corporate communication, you can be sure of my writing and speaking skills in both Dutch and English. Ceremonies can, per your request, be officiated bilingually as well.

Interested in what coup de foudre can do for you, or curious to find out more? Fill out the contact form below or send an e-mail to and I’ll get back to you asap.


coup de foudre (m)

love at first sight; lightning bolt

[un coup de foudre, des coups de foudre]


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